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Amelia Levitt (manual)

A huge thank you to Amelia who helped me pass my driving test! It’s been nearly a month since I have passed and I was nervous to drive by myself but she helped me feel confident and believe in myself. Our lessons were so fun and there wasn’t a lesson we did not laugh! She made me feel at ease and explained ways in such simple ways, changing strategies to how I would understand it best! I can’t thank you enough Amelia x x x

Marissa Patrick

I had Amelia as my driving instructor and I couldn’t fault her one bit! She is so easy to get along with and helps you in every single way possible! She’s amazing! I passed first time!! Highly recommended!

Sharnie Scott

Carly Jarvis (manual)

Sometimes the phrase "the greatest" gets used to often and to much but it doesn't go far enough to describe how great Carly is as a person, driving instructor, motivator and friend. I personally feel privileged to have had her teach me how to drive. Passing first time is something I never thought would be achievable but with many tears along the way and restless thoughts about how I was going to figure out reversing around a corner, Carly was always there to keep me calm and reassure me - whether it was sitting next to me, a text or phone call away, I always felt I could count on Carly. If I had to do it all again there is no one else I would rather have sitting in the passenger seat with me for the journey. If you want someone who is upbeat, passionate and the total professional then look no further then Carly. You made driving fun and exciting. I was always exited for our lessons together! Thank you so much for an amazing experience one il never forget!  x

Kelly Bates 

Thankyou so much Carly Edwards, amazing instructor, would recommend her to everyone.she is very nice, patient and makes you feel very comfortable and at ease.she is very friendly and absolutely amazing at her job, I'm so glad and lucky I had her as an instructor, she is an amazing person.

Christine Williamson 

Thank you Carly for helping me pass first time today!! I couldn't recommend her enough :)

Flora Ling 

A massive thank you to Carly for helping me pass my test! She has been so helpful and friendly throughout my entire driving experience. I'm definitely going to miss my lessons with her!

Jazmine Italia 

Clare Browning (Instructor Trainer)

From the first time I meet Clare I knew I had made the right decision to train as an ADI with Ladydrive and His & Hers Driving School. Clare is such an amazing lady, she made me feel at ease right from the start which gave me the confidence that I could become an ADI. Clare made the whole process such fun which is an ideal environment to learn. I learnt so much more than the process of becoming an ADI, I learnt how to interact and get the best out of my pupils in a fun and productive way and I have a friend for life in Clare. Training with Clare was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I am very proud to part of such and amazing driving school.

Sharon Denny

I contacted ladydrive and his and hers driving school to ask about training to be an instructor and after one call I had all the information I needed and started my training with Clare, Clare really helped me to get rid of all the bad habits I had to get me through my ADI part 2, when it came to my ADI part 3 Clare was extremely helpful and gave me the push I needed when it came to learning how to be the instructor I am now, I ended up passing both my ADI parts 2 and 3 first time with only 2 minors in my part 2 and grades 5/4 in my part 3, looking back on our lessons it's easy to say that Clare doesn't just want to train and move on to the next person she really cares and puts everything she can into it, I don't just think of her as my trainer or my boss but as a friend, even now I know if I have any questions she is just a phone call away.

Glen Garner

Glen Garner (manual)

Cannot recommend my instructor Glen enough. I recently passed my test first time and I couldn’t have done it without his patience and constant encouragement. I was very nervous when I first started having lessons with Glen, but he instantly put me at ease with his friendly and calm nature and I was driving confidently in no time. He was very organised with our lesson topics and explained everything clearly. He went above and beyond to make sure I got a lesson every week at a time that worked for me and was always on time. I’m actually missing my lessons already! Thank you Glen!

Sarah Govier

I needed last minute driving lessons and lady drive responded extremely quickly and professionally! I had Glenn who has not only been excellent but a delight. He ironed out my weak points quickly (I hated roundabouts and after one two hour block I had conquered them!) and made me feel incredibly relaxed. He was encouraging, funny and very responsive over texts in booking the test. Couldn’t recommend more and seeing he is booked up a lot is good sign because he knows what he’s doing! Thanks lady drive and to Glenn I’m chuffed!

Robert Arthur Scahill

Thank you so much to Glen who helped me pass my driving test. Glen made me feel relaxed and calm every time behind the wheel. He is a very patient and professional instructor, who is very supportive and encouraging even when I failed my first attempts at passing the test.I found Glen to be very patient and a very supporting driving structor who was able to pick out my weaknesses and quickly turn them into strengths. My driving lessons were very enjoyable as with Glens know-how, I found I made great progress. So if you're looking for good value driving lessons with an experienced, honest instructor but most importantly want to pass your driving test, then you should look no further then Glen as he comes highly reccomended!

Tina Edgar

I had Glen as my instructor and he was great! Very positive and supportive the whole time. I passed first time so definitely cannot complain! I would 100% recommend lady drives for anyone wanting to learn. Thank you!

Verin Vanir

Kevin Macey (manual)

I could not have chosen a better driving school to learn with. Kev taught me at a pace that was right for me ans was supportive and accomodating from the wotd go. My biggest problem was my confidence but Kev had confidence in me and it made all the difference. He knew how hard to push me and what I need to learn from lesson to lesson. For anyone looking for an exceptional learning experience, I couldn't recommend Kev more.

Charley Baker

Thank you to Kevin for helping me pass my test first time with only two minors. I enjoyed every lesson with Kevin. He is a top bloke and I was comfortable every time I was behind the wheel. Extremely patient and supporting and would recommend to anyone! Cheers Kev!

Ross Williams

I was lucky enough to have Kev for my instructor. He was great, so flexible, patience and thorough with everything he taught me! I really couldn’t of done it without him. He gave me so much confidence and a great laugh. Thanks so much Kev, see you on the road!

Maisie Marie Tanner

I would like to say a huge thank you to my instructor Kev for giving me the confidence and necessary skills to pass my practical driving test today. I had had a lot of lessons previously with other instructors and failed my driving test a few times. I was losing hope of ever passing the test when I decided to give it one more shot before my second child was due. Due in fact in four weeks time. 

Kev is a sincere, relaxed and gentle driving instructor which meant I could relax in the car. He immediately saw my weaknesses and we worked and worked at them until I felt ready to take the test. He never got impatient or got frustrated with me even though I kept making the same mistakes.

Georgiana Blaize St Molony

My experience learning to drive with Kev was detailed and thorough. If I messed up or was struggling with something, he’d make sure to correct me and set out a plan to improve on those things but wouldn’t make me feel like a failure, which I something I was really scared of when learning to drive! Most notably, he was very understanding of my anxiety, especially around my driving tests and I felt really comfortable with him. A brilliant instructor who never gives up on you, would recommend to anyone!

Thanks, Natalie

Peter Stanger (automatic)

I would like to say a huge thank you to my instructor, Peter Stanger. He was so supportive, professional and with humour and encouragement, helped me to pass first time, I really can't thank you enough Peter and will definitely be recommending you to others. Thanks again

Gemma Green MacLeod

Thank you to Peter at Ladydrive. Passed 1st time, without any faults, what a fantastic instructor!

Dominic Negus

I highly recommend Peter, he is a fantastic instructor who really explains things clearly and made sure I knew exactly what to expect for the test. He showed me all the potentially troublesome areas on the test route so I knew exactly what to do on the day. Thanks Peter!

Albert Rach

Today I passed my driving test, thanks to Peter, I started when i was pregnant and from the beginning he was very understanding of my situation, I had, had lessons in the past with a different instructor and driving school but I feel i learnt so much more this time and feel more confident in my driving because of Peter.

I would not have passed without Peter, he was an excellent teacher and you will not find a better instructor than him.

Kate Wicks

Richard Jarvis (automatic)

Passed first time with no minors - nothing! clean sheet! And that is all thanks to richard jarvis and his teaching skills! Anyone wanting to learn automatic hes your guy and he is worth waiting for when he spaces to take on more pupils! im glad i did! i was adament to learn with lady drive and im glad i stuck to guns rather than just go with anyone! Thankyou for all the help and support and have thoroughly enjoyed my lessons.


Just wanted to say what a amazing driving instructor Richard Jarvis is For his and hers driving School. I struggled with driving in the past. But Richard really put me at ease and focused during my lessons. I past my test first time with him yesterday ... I honestly don't think I would of been able to pass without him. I would recommend him too anyone !! Thank you so much Richard.

Lauren Gould

A huge thank you to my instructor Richard for helping me pass my driving test first time. Thank you so much for your patience and support.

Anitha Mangalath

Sharon Denny (manual)

Passed first time!! Sharon Denny is a wonderful teacher and I couldn't recommend her enough. I was SO nervous in my first lesson, but she put me at ease straight away and I became a more confident driver than I ever imagined. She was patient with me and made things fun, tailoring each lesson to me. We covered lots in our lessons and she really got to know how I learn and what I find harder! I also learned lots of great tips. Thank you so much. I'm over the moon at passing first time.

Collette Wilson

Such a massive thank you to my instructor Sharon, who put up with my weird ways and helped me pass my test first time with one minor! I was very nervous about learning to drive but Sharon helped me so much. I really enjoyed our lessons and the laughs that were most definitely had, and I really can't thank Sharon enough for getting me through!

Maud Leese

I'm so happy to have passed! Sharron Denny is such a wonderful instructor and I couldn't have done it without her. I'm going to miss our lessons so much! Sharron is such a laugh, she is patient, kind and I'm really please to have met such a lovely women. Thank you for putting up with my frustrations and my moans. Thank you Ladydrive!

Sophia Falzon

I can't thank Sharon Denny enough! Absolutely amazing Driver instructor! Always patient and I have enjoyed every lesson I have had. I would highly recommend Sharon to any one who is wanting to learn to drive, I will miss her very much such a joy to be around! Thank you so much Sharon your amazing.

Ashley Mitchell

I passed first time thanks to Sharon at Ladydrive. Really can't recommend enough - Sharon is a fantastic instructor, she ensures that you are fully prepared for any situation and the pacing/learning curve of lessons was absolutely spot-on. It's been really good fun and I will miss these lessons! Thank you again Sharon!

John Wheatley

Tracey Overington (manual)

So pleased just passed my test first time with no minors, Cant thank Tracey Overington enough! Such a lovely teacher and a pleasure to learn with. Highly recommend her to everyone

Maya Burton

Thank you so much to Tracey Overington in helping me pass my test first time. She was so supportive and understanding, and I feel like I not only passed but I can subsequently drive safely and confidently on the roads on my own. I definitely recommend Tracey and Ladydrive

Louis Parker

Can't thank Tracey Overington enough. I started with very little confidence, but with Tracey's encouragement, support and patience I passed first time with only 2 minors. I miss our weekly laughs.

Jaime-Louise Storry

Thank you Tracy Overington for helping me pass my driving test. You where a patient and friendly instructor and got me up to driving test standard quickly and without too much stress. I would definitely recommend you as a teacher to anyone else learning to drive!

Sam Abbo



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